Hardware Design:

Embedded system design, intelligent hardware, hardware/software co-design, reconfigurable computing and FPGAs, rapid prototyping, formal methods: concurrency and functional programming, modeling, applications: cryptography, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Smart Cities:

Modern hardware devices, artificial intelligence, machine learning, modeling, and rapid prototyping of systems within the context of Internet of things, connected and autonomous electric vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, smart homes, fuzzy control, health informatics, and controlled-environment agriculture.

Performance Evaluation:

Analytical frameworks for computing systems, performance models, ranking, classification, decision making, statistical aggregation, machine learning, applications: quality of experience, optimization, hardware and software implementations, and algorithms.

Engineering Education:

Quality assurance, assessment and evaluation frameworks, programmatic and institutional accreditation, program development, pedagogy, effective teaching and learning, sustainability of education, and STEM education.